Connect. Believe. Achieve.

Connect. Believe. Achieve.

Love begins at home.

Far too often we look for someone to love or for someone to love us, but we fail to love ourselves. 

Love begins at home. When you take the time to acknowledge your goodness and be kind and loving to yourself, you are setting the standards to show others how to treat and love you. If you want to be loved, you must first love yourself. 

When was the last time you did something for yourself, or just looked in the mirror and said I love you? How often do you look within for love or just spend time with yourself? If you don't love yourself what makes you think someone else wants to love you?

Love begins within. How you think and feel inside, shows up on the outside. If you are loving and kind, it shows. So if you want to be loved, nurture and love the person within. The person within will know how it feels to be loved and therefore be able to wait and attract the love you deserve. It doesn't mean it will happen overnight but in the meantime, you can focus on loving yourself. 

Today is  Valentine's Day and many of us will begin the day looking outside for love, if you have someone in your life great, if not, make it a day about you. I challenge you to spend time loving on you. I know you are saying it is not the same, but don't take yourself for granted. Be the most loving and kind person to YOU. Show the world how to love you. Remember love begins at home!





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