Connect. Believe. Achieve.

Connect. Believe. Achieve.


Recently, I came across a fascinating novel and wanted to share some of it with you. The novel, WAKE UP AND LIVE, by Dorothea Brande, was published in 1936. What's so fascinating and interesting about the book is that the issue as to how we live below what we are capable of doing goes back as far as 1936. Living a life of status of quo is not new. Many of us have been knowingly living in disguise, seemingly happy, but not fulfilled. Far below of what we want and our intentions. 

I was hooked at the introduction. The author confesses she was a failure. She was not doing a tenth of what could be expected of her.

 "I held an interesting position, lived not too dull a life - yet there was no doubt in my own mind, at least, that I had failed. What I was doing was a substitute activity for what I had planned to do; and no matter how ingenious and neat the theories were which I present to myself to account for my lack of success, I knew very well that there was more work that I should be doing, and better work, and more demonstrably my own" 

Living below what we are capable of is something many of us know, all too well, but will not address or do something about it. The author addresses it as  - Our willingness to fail - and shares the formula to live a happier and well life. I could hear the author speaking to me. For years I was stuck, denying what I was capable of doing and truly wanted to do. I only wish that I had discovered her book a little sooner. 

Many of us live so far below the possible level of our lives, that when we are freed from what hampers us, we are transformed. Far too often, we become comfortable in living inadequate lives -  victims to a Will to Fail. Although our lives are full and busy, we know there is more to us, more to be done but yet, we continue the cycle. Unless we understand this and take action against it to accomplish our intentions, we live a life that becomes normal rather than living happier and fulfilled. It takes energy to maintain the status quo and that same energy can be used to live and accomplish what we truly want in life. 

The process or formula, to turn us around and in the right direction, is simple and straightforward.

"All the equipment needed is imagination and the willingness to disturb old habit patterns for a while, to act after a novel fashion long enough to finish one piece of work".

Some results are seen immediately which will motivate you to keep going.

"It is worth trying, for it has worked in hundreds of lives. It can work in any life that is not more truly dedicated to failure than to success" 

This is only one aspect of the novel, one I am familiar with and thought was worth sharing. I struggled to change old habits, became conscious of the negative thoughts and where I was focusing my energy. I wanted more. I have always known that there was more to my life, even when I left the corporate world, I knew there was more work for me to do. I am on a journey of discovery, aiming to give and live my best.

To live your best, you have to be willing to look at your life, acknowledge and question your ability, and desire to live a happier and fulfilling life. You have to want more and be willing to do something about it. You only one get one chance at life and how you live it -  knowing that you are giving it your all, or below what you are all capable of - the choice is up to you. WAKE UP AND LIVE