Connect. Believe. Achieve.

Connect. Believe. Achieve.

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Stay on the course to achieve your dream.

Five things I do daily to stay on course to achieve my dreams.

1. Pray  - I begin my morning with prayer.
2. Do the work - I have a plan and the support I need. 
3. Stay positive and focused - maintaining a positive attitude is so important, focus your energy on what is important to you.
4. Trust and believe - I know that I have purpose and believe I am doing what I am meant to do.
5. Have faith - although I don't always know how my dreams will come to pass, I do the work and don't focus on the how.

Every day I am mindful to pray, do the necessary work to achieve my dream (actionable steps) and to keep going. Although there are days when doubt creeps in, I fight back with a positive attitude, trust, and believe that I can achieve what I desire.  On those days, when it is difficult to stay focused and I can't see how my dream will come to pass, I rely on my faith -  knowing and believing that all things are possible with God.