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Connect. Believe. Achieve.

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Live with purpose!

How often do you wake up in the morning and want to pull the covers up over your head, stay in bed, remain on the sideline and let the world pass you by? Sometimes you reach a point in life where you become weary and want to give up, take time out, because you can't see how you are going to achieve your dream. However, you know in your heart, you have to keep pursuing that dream, your purpose. Life can be challenging and emotional. One day you feel strong, believing you can achieve anything and the next day you feel just the opposite, like everything is going against you and began to question yourself - What am I doing? Can I really achieve this dream? 

It is during these emotional times you must remain focused on your dream and live with purpose. Live with the belief and knowing your dream can be achieved. Know that whatever you are going through at that time is the path that will get you closer to achieving your dream. Maybe it is a lesson you need to learn, a skill you need to develop or maybe it is just not the right time. However, you must stay the course, believe and have faith. I know what it feels like to question yourself and want to just stop, let go of the dream and be still. I have experienced those days pursuing my dream. It is not easy to reinvent yourself after retirement and start a business. It is very difficult but I know that my dream is my passion and purpose for living. It brings me joy to help others live out their dreams and I know my journey will provide me with the experiences and needed skills to help others. So every day I make preparation to live with purpose.    

Live with purpose requires you to feed your spirit by beginning and ending each day with prayer and meditation. This approach will strengthen your belief and prepares you for whatever may come your way. This preparation will keep you focused and help you make decisions that are aligned with your dream. So on those mornings when you think about staying on the sideline, your belief and faith will encourage and motivate you to get out of bed and begin your day with purpose, working to achieve your dream.