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Are you a prisoner of fear?

Fear can be like cancer. If ignored, it will grow, take over your life, and eventually stop you from living life to the fullest. Fear can cause anxiety, doubt, negative thinking, worrying, procrastination, and irrational behavior, to name a few. 

Fear and doubt are emotions we all experience. However, far too often we suppress our feelings; don't deal with the emotions associated with fear and go along with the status quo. We think it is easier to avoid being vulnerable, but deep down inside that unsettling feeling remains, that knowing you want more out of life and have to more to offer.

Fear is not something you experience once, and that is the end of it. Life is a process of ongoing evolution and learning how to deal with fear is a part of who we are. You can allow fear and doubt to prevent you from living your best life or your desire to live your dreams can outweigh the fear. I once read that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is what you allow it to be.

You don't have to give in to fear. Although it takes strength and courage to tap into your inner self, one approach to moving forward is to acknowledge and confront your fear, even if it means seeking help from a therapist, coach or a support group. Know that the more you are aware, acknowledge and address your fear the stronger you will become.

You can begin by naming the negative, unpleasant feeling and symptom associated with it. For example, if you have a fear of rejection, acknowledge the negative feeling associated with it. Think about how rejection makes you feel and substitute that negative feeling with a positive one. Turn the negative feeling into a positive by looking at it from a different perspective - that it is not rejection, but whatever it is you are seeking, is not meant for you at this time. This allows you to think of rejection as a way of letting something better come your way or know that this is not the path for you to take.

Don't allow fear to prevent you from reaching your full potential and living the life you desire. Addressing your fear will present growth, development, and learning opportunities. On a personal note, it took me a while to start a blog. I was afraid of being criticized for different reasons. Now I think of it as an opportunity to grow, and blog weekly. I am learning, and the more I blog, the more comfortable I am becoming and welcome criticism.  

As you move forward, be aware of the decisions you make and ask yourself the following questions

 Am I making this decision out of fear?

 Am I  allowing fear to hold me back? 

 Am I  maintaining the status quo?

I challenge you to name your fear and what you are doing to address it? Comments welcomed.