1Evalution Testimonials

Engage. Listen. Evolve.

Eva was my life coach and she helped me navigate my transition to retirement which included leaving a workplace that I loved and moving from the city to the suburbs to become grandmother-in-chief! If you have the chance to work with Eva one-on-one, at a seminar or in a corporate setting, run don’t walk! Eva is amazing!
— Carolyn T.

"Seminar is life changing, prepare to be blessed” Shannon W.

“Eva shared her gifts so that my gifts will glow” Jennifer S.

“I like the fact that I was prompted to think on a deeper level about writing or verbalizing my goals and vision” Esther C.

“I am blown away by your presence and your ability to empower the room with your words. Words can’t explain how you’ve added to my life in just a few hours, and your ability to connect with others” Marissa K.

“The power of planning and re-evaluating. I never acknowledge my talents/moments I was most happy” Kayla S.

“I learned that I need to accept who I am, it’s me, live life according to my values. I learned to let go of my fears and stop holding back” DeVonya S.

“I walked into Eva’s session not quite knowing what to expect and walked out knowing exactly what I will expect from myself moving forward. Phenomenal event!” Monique B.

"I left the seminar realizing that I have succeeded in reaching a professional goal I set out for myself but that it is is my right and privilege to now say I want to change gears and that is okay. Witness The Most Powerful You has helped me begin the process of recreating myself!” Deborah R.

“The session gave me permission to think about me and what I need to do for myself!” Celina N.

“This has reopened a door that fear had closed for too long in my life! Thank you so much” Valerie L.

“I wasn’t sure I was going to follow through and attend but I’m so glad I did. This experience was definitely in line with where I am in life with wanting to enhance my personal life balance” Tracy L.

“Working with Eva truly helped to change my life. She was able to show me the tools and perspectives needed to evaluate my situations and surroundings. She helped me realize how to empower myself to be and make the changes I needed in my life” Megan C.

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