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Speaking Engagements and Workshops

1Evalution focuses on fulfillment. Are you moving forward with your life, or do you feel stuck? Do you want to radically change your life and become happier and more fulfilled? If you decide to change, Witness the Most Powerful YOU is the best way to start. Our coaches know what it is like to want more from life, but unable to take the steps to achieve what you desire.


Witness the Most Powerful YOU is a one-day workshop designed for individuals seeking fulfillment but need help to take the next steps.

It is a powerful workshop for businesses and non-profits organizations that want to provide effective tools and processes to enable employees to gain personal and professional insight on how they live and work. This approach allows employers to introduce fulfillment in the workplace, ultimately, optimizing performance and increasing employee engagement at all levels.

We are also available for group meetings, discussions, retreats, book clubs and events. 


The workshop is based on five fundamental principles - Awareness, Clarity, Alignment, Authenticity and Enlightenment. These principles are designed to help make decisions and choices to become more fulfilled by focusing on the person within to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Witness the Most Powerful YOU creates awareness and provides the tools and structure to complete assessments, develop actions and strategies to make positive life changes. You will go through a series of eye-opening activities and answer thought provoking questions. These activities promote powerful self-discovery to focus on the person within. You will see if your life is out of balance, define your top five values and make decisions and commitments to improve your brand. Your vision, goals, and purpose will be defined. Most significantly, you will understand why it is so important to be your authentic self. Through these five fundamental principles you can work toward a balanced and fulfilling life. Awareness, clarity, alignment, authenticity and enlightenment can change the way you see the world and your own path.


The 5 Principles to Fulfillment

1. Awareness - Evaluate where you are now
2. Clarity - Define where you are going
3. Alignment - Make a plan to get there
4. Authenticity - Have the confidence to move forward
5. Enlightenment - Gain a new outlook

Witness the Most Powerful YOU helps you make decisions and take action to live a fulfilling life. If you are a business seeking to improve employee engagement or an individual ready to make meaningful life changes but need help to take the next step, this workshop is for you.

Why choose Witness the Most Powerful You?

  • Provides a holistic approach to greater employee engagement at all levels.

  • Strategies that promote and encourages collaboration.

  • Ability to make consistent decisions and take committed actions aligned with your values.

  • Effective strategies to balance life and work.

  • Awareness of your brand and develop strategies to improve it.

  • Promotes employee ownership and accountability.

  • Declare, vision, goals and purpose to establish meaningful perspective and learn how to experience fulfillment.

  • Have a plan for your future and know where to concentrate your effort and measure achievements along the way.

  • Gain awareness, understanding and confidence to live more authentically with a greater sense of meaning.

  • Enhance and enrich career and personal objective through a self-discovery process.

  • Integrated approach in the way you live and work.

  • An ongoing process for growth and development.

  • Can be customized.