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Witness the Most Powerful You Workshop

Every day you are presented with the same decision when you wake up in the morning. Do you want to stay the way you are and have the same day you had yesterday or do you want to change your life? 

If you are ready to make meaningful life changes but don't know where to start,  join us for this powerful, life-changing workshop and Witness the Most Powerful You. Learn 5 principles to create and live the life you want.

Witness the Most Powerful YOU is a personal development process based on five principles. These principles are designed to help you make decisions and choices by focusing on the person within you. If you want to make meaningful changes and live the life you want, Witness the Most Powerful YOU helps you take the next steps. Each day you choose how to live your life based on the decisions you make. You decide whether you want more out of life or to maintain the status quo.

Witness the Most Powerful YOU creates awareness and provides the tools and structure to complete assessments, develop strategies and action plans to make positive life changes. During the workshop, you will go through a series of eye-opening activities and answer thought-provoking questions that focus on self-discovery, which will help you:

  • Create effective strategies to balance life and work
  • Understand and define your top five values to help guide in daily decision making
  • Clarify vision, goals, and purpose to establish meaningful perspective and learn how to experience fulfillment
  • Gain awareness, understanding, and confidence to live with a greater sense of meaning and be your authentic self
  • Enrich career and personal objectives
  • Create an integrated approach in the way you live and work
  • Have an ongoing process for growth and development

The 5 Principles to Fulfillment

  1. Awareness - Evaluate where you are now
  2. Clarity - Define where you are going
  3. Alignment - Make a plan to get there
  4. Authenticity - Have the confidence to move forward
  5. Enlightenment - Gain a new outlook

This workshop is for you if;

  • You want clarity to achieve your vision, goals, and purpose
  • You want to enrich your career and personal objectives; know where to concentrate your efforts and measure achievements along the way
  • You want to gain awareness, understanding, and confidence to be your authentic self
  • You want a plan for your future
  • You are ready to take the next steps and move forward in your life

Women who have taken my workshop say..........

"This workshop releases the visions and dreams that may have stalled or been buried deep within you freedom to bubble back up and provides tools to move them forward so they can flourish!" A. S.

"So grateful to know this amazing lady and to have been able to take her motivating workshop today! "Witness the Most Powerful YOU" was exactly what I needed to define my goals, gain clarity and inspire me to bring my vision to reality.
Anyone looking to improve themselves personally and/or their business do not hesitate to contact her. ❤ Invest in yourself, it is so worth it!!" Liljana M.

"This woman had me in tears with the insight that was provided in her workshop...helped to jump start the "makeover". Krista B.
"I was skeptical in taking an all day workshop, at first,  for a couple of different reasons. I didn't feel comfortable being in a room filled with people I didn't know. I was not sure that it would help me achieve any goals. However, I decided to take an all day workshop with Eva Kennedy due to the facts that she is effective and sensitive to my needs as a coach. Believe it or not the setup was effective and comfortable. I felt the connection I needed to have, and I am extremely happy with the results of just one day. At the workshop, I made a commitment to be true to my promises, to myself and to help others.  I believe the work shop made some clarifications for me. I
highly recommend the workshop." Simin F.
"Seminar is life changing, prepare to be blessed” Shannon W.
“Eva shared her gifts so that my gifts will glow” Jennifer S.
“I like the fact that I was prompted to think on a deeper level about writing or verbalizing my goals and vision” Esther C.
“I am blown away by your presence and your ability to empower the room with your words. Words can’t explain how you’ve added to my life in just a few hours, and your ability to connect with others” Marissa K.
“The power of planning and re-evaluating. I never acknowledge my talents/moments I was most happy” Kayla S.
“I learned that I need to accept who I am, it’s me, live life according to my values. I learned to let go of my fears and stop holding back” DeVonya S.
“I walked into Eva’s session not quite knowing what to expect and walked out knowing exactly what I will expect from myself moving forward. Phenomenal event!” Monique B.
"I left the seminar realizing that I have succeeded in reaching a professional goal I set out for myself but that it is is my right and privilege to now say I want to change gears and that is okay. Witness The Most Powerful You has helped me begin the process of recreating myself!” Deborah R.
“The session gave me permission to think about me and what I need to do for myself!” Celina N.
“This has reopened a door that fear had closed for too long in my life! Thank you so much” Valerie L.
“I wasn’t sure I was going to follow through and attend but I’m so glad I did. This experience was definitely in line with where I am in life with wanting to enhance my personal life balance” Tracy L.
" This is truly a workshop and workbook for anyone seeking more clarity within" Dr. S.

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