Witness the Most Powerful YOU!

Witness the Most Powerful You Workshop

Every day you are presented with the same decision when you wake up in the morning. Do you want to stay the way you are and have the same day you had yesterday or do you want to change your life? 

If you want to make meaningful life changes, Witness the Most Powerful You helps you take the next steps. Witness the Most Powerful You is  an interactive, transformational workshop based on five fundamental principles. These principles are designed to help you make decisions and choices to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Witness the Most Powerful You creates awareness and provides the tools and structure to complete assessments, develop action plans and strategies to make positive life changes. You will go through a series of eye-opening activities and answer thought provoking questions that focus on self-discovery to create:

  • Effective strategies to balance life and work
  • Understand and define your top five values to help guide in daily decision making
  • Awareness of your brand and develop strategies to improve it
  • Declare, vision, goals and purpose to establish meaningful perspective and learn how to experience fulfillment 
  • Integrate and align, balance, values, brand, vision, goals and purpose 
  • Gain awareness, understanding and confidence to live and be your authentic self
  • Understand enlightenment to gain a new perspective on life

Through these five fundamental principles you can work toward a balanced and more fulfilling life.

The 5 Principles to Fulfillment

1. Awareness - Evaluate where you are now
2. Clarity - Define where you are going
3. Alignment - Make a plan to get there
4. Authenticity - Have the confidence to move forward
5. Enlightenment - Gain a new outlook


Chicago, IL 60605