Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

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Are you at a stage in life where you are questioning your dream and whether or not you will ever achieve it? Why hasn't it happened yet? Why does it not feel more fulfilling? Was it the right dream? What's next for me?

Everyone reaches a point in life where developing a sense of what is really important, focusing on making productive use of time and articulating key values that define our relationships becomes critical. As a result, you want to re-prioritize and focus on your dreams. Be more constructive, more nurturing, and live from a place of wholeness, positivity, comfort and freedom.

Fortunately, while life transitions can create uncertainty, they don't need to be painful.

Our coaches at 1Evalution work exclusively with women looking ahead to the next stage of their life. Together we create clarity around your vision and build actionable strategies to bring it to life.

Life transitions are an essential part of life if you want to continue to grow intellectually and spiritually. Our four-step proprietary model, A.X.I.S. provides a direct connection between your dreams and life potential. This program is for individuals that don't have time to make a major life mistake. It is designed for you to complete a reassessment and realignment to make decisions that are right for you - decisions that bring a high degree of satisfaction and fulfillment.  


A.X.I.S. Coaching Model:


Define what is creating the uncertainty
Explore strengths, accomplishments, and values
Assess, reexamine, realign priorities
Identify constructive versus destructive behavior


Set short and long term goals
Determine measurement of achievement
Evaluate/adjust as needed
Celebrate achievements


Explore personal history and relationships
Further, examine what is important
Reevaluate and restructure priorities
Recognize and acknowledge self-negative and positive impacts


Resolution and alignment
Goals reached/expanded
Confidence elevated